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Frequently Asked Questions | Camel's Back Bamboo

Camel's Back Bamboo straws are Resuable. 100% biodegradable. Dishwasher friendly.


Are bamboo straws reusable?

Yes, all Camel’s Back Bamboo straws are reusable straws. The life span of each straw varies depending on how much they are used, how they are transported, and how they are cleaned. The average lifespan of our bamboo straws are 6 months with regular use.

Why are there different coloured straws?

We have two different coloured reusable straws available one being the natural green bamboo straws and the other, light wood bamboo straws. The only difference in the straws is the exposure to the sun they have received throughout their life. The natural green bamboo straws are usually taken from the stalk earlier, when they are closer to the ground and have received less direct sunlight. Light wood bamboo straws are the opposite, they’ve had a chance to bask in the sun and get a nice sun kissed glow. The time at which they are cut from the stalk does not impact the longevity and both of the bamboo straws’ lifespans are around 6 months.

Can I get wholesale discounts?

Wholesale discounts are available for orders over 500 straws, with additional discounts provided to recurring orders and repeat customers. In order to make a wholesale inquiry please use the contact form on our wholesale page

How long will it take to receive my order?

For orders placed within Australia the turnaround time for bamboo straws is between 4 - 10 business days. When your Camel’s Back Bamboo order is placed you will receive a tracking code so you can follow it’s journey. Unfortunately we are at the mercy of our nation’s postal service, however we are working hard to reduce delivery times to make sure no additional single use straws are ever consumed!

Do you supply hospitality venues?

Yes! We are big fans of hospitality venues diving into the world of sustainable practices and offer wholesale discounts on both reusable bamboo straws and single use wheat straws. To inquire about our hospitality and whole rates, please use the contact form on our wholesale page.

Are Camel’s Back Bamboo straws okay to put in the dishwasher?

Yes! Whilst we encourage you to hand wash your reusable bamboo straws to ensure their longevity, bamboo straws are perfectly fine to be placed into dishwashers and you will still get your time’s worth.

Are your bamboo straws biodegradable?

Yes - typically it takes about 6 months for bamboo straws to break down once thrown into compost.

Where is Camel’s Back Bamboo based?

Camel’s Back Bamboo is based in Richmond, Victoria in Australia.

Do you have a direct email I can contact?

Absolutely, you can reach Camel's Back Bamboo on