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About us | Camel's Back Bamboo

Camel's Back Bamboo specialise in bamboo products with the intent to reduce the amount of single use plastic.

About us

Like all great stories, it all started on a tropical holiday.

However, it wasn’t all long romantic walks along the beach – more of a juxtaposition between sights of horribly littered shores, and a glimmer of hope that things were about to change.

Being overseas, we started to notice a subtle ‘reusable revolution’ building, as cafes and bars traded tacky fluorescent plastic for eco-chic bamboo, wheat and other materials. Seeing yoga loving, hemp wearing zen masters and Aussie blokes alike sip from these little ‘eco statements’ – we couldn’t believe that something so obvious had yet to take off on our beautiful Australian shores (which need more protection than ever!).

So for us – starting Camel’s Back Bamboo was about so much more than starting a business. We had previously felt overwhelmed by all the things we could and should do to go #zerowaste, but this is where it clicked for us. We decided; you just have to start somewhere. It’s cliché, but oh so true that sometimes it really is that one small change you make that has a ripple effect into so many other areas of your life.

One of our favourite quotes in the low waste community (yes, that’s a thing..) is ‘It’s just one straw’ – said 7.4 billion people. And this is the exact mentality we are determined to help shift.

And the best bit is – we’re so optimistic that this is possible. We are nothing short of amazed every day to see how many people genuinely want to be better at this. They are not Gandhi, they are not Mother Theresa, just everyday people wanting to be a little bit better.

We don’t want reusables and bamboo products to be a trend, and that’s exactly the shift we want to help create in the world. Trend-driven consumption, fast fashion, and a ‘convenience above all else’ mentality has got us into this plastic covered mess, and it’s only a long term move to more conscious consumption that will get us out of it.

So, let it start with a straw (we can help with that) - but let it be a new way of living that doesn’t stop there.