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Short Bamboo Straws - Light Wood (dried)

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Bamboo straw details
Our short bamboo straws are handmade, resuable, dishwasher friendly and most importantly 100% biodegradable. Made from bamboo, they are one of the fastest growing and most durable natural materials in the world.

The short bamboo straws have been cut down in length to cater for the children of our world, or alternatively some devilish cocktails that might require a little more subtlety than 22cm of bamboo.

Our Light Wood bamboo straws have been sun-kissed to create the bamboo colour we know and love, but don't worry! There is absolutely nothing artificial about these bamboo beauties.

Choose to reuse this eco-friendly bamboo straw, or, if you must dispose of it, do so knowing it will quickly return to nature!

All packs include a cleaning brush and care instructions.

Product FAQ

Are the bamboo straws dishwasher safe?

Are Camel's Back Bamboo straws reusable?

How long do bamboo straws last?
Because bamboo is a natural, organic material, it will eventually begin to fray, even when well cared-for (though nothing like our floppy paper straw friends!). We estimate that with regular use, this process takes around 6 months. The best bit is that even when they reach the end of their useful lives, they can be thrown in the compost and will break down with ease!

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Length - 14 - 16 cm
Diameter - inner 6mm, outer 8mm

Hospitality venues:

If you are a hospitality venue who is looking to order bamboo straws in bulk, please get in touch via our contact page